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The Pattern of Our Days

Multichannel Audio Installation, Creator, 2020

Any sense of time passing in a coherent way has become increasingly untethered this year. Weeks seem to compress, hours dilate and the second hand stands still, but nonetheless the year marches on, relentless. It’s uneasy. But with pockets of space to settle and rest. In The Pattern of Our Days, drifting blurred drones create a sense of sinking in. A sense of comfort in the feeling of the world shrinking inwards and expanding outwards from us. Unclear when we are, until the outside world suddenly wrenches us back into the present.

The bed of drones in this piece were created through a process of repetition, layering, and stretching, creating a too-comfortable environment to rest in. There are four half-hour sections in The Pattern of Our Days, Morning / Afternoon / Evening / Night, each suspended in a different mode, punctuated by raw field recordings from places we cannot currently travel to. This piece aims to both reflect on a collective experience, and also create a space of comfort and peace in the city, which grows busier again by the week as we re-open.

This piece was commissioned by Jesse Budel for the Featherstone Soundspace (

It exhibited from October to December 2020 at Featherstone Place (off Gawler Place) as a 2.5 hour loop, cycling 24/7.

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