About Me

Hello! I'm an experimental sound designer, sound artist and performer. I collaborate with artists from various disciplines locally and globally to create conceptually impactful and research-based work.

I was raised in South Australia as a musician and performer, but when I left to the United Arab Emirates to pursue my BA at NYU Abu Dhabi in 2014 I moved away from traditional performance through ethnomusicology to experimental sound design and academic sound studies. My senior capstone thesis project, Listening to Abu Dhabi, is the culmination of a year's research and combines all of the practices I connect with most deeply; field recording, human-centred research, soundscape composition, and immersive listening performance.

I typically use psychoacoustics to create emotionally affective soundscape compositions through a field-recording based practice. As a sound designer my collaborative and independent work has been heard in five countries, shown at Burning Man, and won a Jury award in a Tokyo based projection mapping competition. 

I love working with artists across surprising disciplines, and would love to hear from you. Check out my work across this site and get in touch below!