Listening to Abu Dhabi

Urban Audio Walk, Creator, 2018

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Listening to Abu Dhabi maps composed field recordings onto the AD Corniche, guiding listeners through a technologically mediated experience of the city's past and future. It is designed to be heard on the Echoes app while walking along the Corniche, with each piece being triggered to play as you move through space.

In the coming decades, the Gulf region will begin to feel the effects of climate change and heat waves will become more frequent and intense, sea levels will rise dramatically and consume much of what we know as the city. In this truly probable future, being outside for extended periods of time will no longer be safe, and the enclosure of our bubble-like existence will be amplified. Through looking at future trajectories of necessary spatial and technological enclosure, of temperature and sea level rise impacting livability of the region, Listening to Abu Dhabi explores how we relate to the spaces we live in when our experience of them is mediated, artificial, and digital.


Can be heard on the Echoes app ( or in playlist form below.

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