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Inside Voices

Short Film, Sound Designer + Key Creative, 2019

Script and Direction: Maiah Stewardson
Cinematography: Lily Drummond
Painting: Molly Alice Willson
Starring: Shabana Azeez, Aud Mason-Hyde, Jasper Vaughan, Payton Hogan


Inside Voices, a sound/film/visual art collaboration, meditates on questions, lingers in uncertainty, and revels in changes, exploring the interior experience of questioning and forming gender and identity. Queer voices tell stories of their journeys through periods of questioning, the sound transduced through a canvas, onto which is projected an experimental film. We watch someone moving through their world, in/visibly wrestling with a question, while hands paint a wall, layering thick oil paint and found materials on an evolving surface.


The sound, hands, movement, the performativity and layers of the paint recognise and honour the layers of transgender history and activism embedded in our queer communities, acknowledging our role in the future. Queer and gender non-conforming voices are centred, vibrating the canvas, reflecting and empathising with a listener’s quiet questioning. In meditating on the personal journey, fluctuation and uncertainty, the piece seeks to validate this process of interior interrogation and exploration.


We presented a work in progress short film at:

Sound::Gender::Feminism::Activism (SGFA)

Conference in Tokyo, 4-5 October 2019

Images courtesy of Maiah Stewardson, Lily Drummond, Allie Garland.
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